SALMON RAS IN SWITZERLAND The Swiss Alpine Fish is a salmon production company based in Switzerland, being one of the most modern sustainable fish… View Case
SMOLT STATION IN ICELAND The Kópasker Smolt Station is built in the North of Iceland by the company Rifós in 2021. The facility is… View Case
SWIMMING POOL IN SPAIN Since the very beginning, the Caudete Municipal Indoor Pool has been aiming to use new technology to improve the overall… View Case
SALMON HATCHERY IN SCOTLAND With two freshwater hatcheries and 42 marine farms around Scotland’s west coast, Orkney and Shetland Islands, Scottish Sea Farms (SSF)… View Case
HOSPITAL WASTEWATER IN THAILAND The government of Thailand has progressive policies in place to help the country attain the position of becoming a hub… View Case
RECREATIONAL WATER IN SPAIN Cosmopolitan Alicante is a Spa and Fitness Club located in Spain. The club demonstrates a high level of commitment towards… View Case
RESEARCH FACILITY IN NEW ZEALAND The Facility of Aquaculture Research of Macroalgae is a research facility by The University of Waikato, focusing on the development… View Case
CARLSBERG BREWERY IN DENMARK DRIP’s (Danish Partnership for Resource and Water-Efficient Industrial Food Production) goal is to assist in optimizing water consumption across food… View Case
WORLD EXPO 2010 IN CHINA The World Expo is one of the largest exhibitions in the world, hosting all willing nations around the world and… View Case
SHRIMP FARM IN NIGERIA Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd. was established in Lagos, Nigeria in 1996 and has grown into a successful global business. In 1996… View Case

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