ULTRAAQUA is an international manufacturer of advanced UV water disinfection systems for a wide range of water treatment applications. Founded in 1996 by two Danish scientists to solve the increasing water safety challenges by utilising innovative technologies, today it has grown into an international company with more than 10 000 UV disinfection systems worldwide.

ULTRAAQUA continuously partakes in multiple research projects in collaboration with municipalities, universities, and companies. Their key focus is on developing new and advanced water treatment solutions based on UV technology. ULTRAAQUA has a full-scale laboratory, indoor and outdoor testing areas, and research department with top-level academics with vast experience in diverse water industries.

Relying on continuous research activities enables ULTRAAQUA to provide users with advanced water security within municipal and industrial applications such as Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS), Aquaculture Intake Water, Municipal Wastewater, Drinking Water, Wellboats and many more. Besides standard UV disinfection, ULTRAAQUA also delivers Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) solutions, as well as Total Organic Carbon (TOC) reduction solutions for complex applications.

ULTRAAQUA operates worldwide through a carefully selected distributor network and is active in more than 120 countries.

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ULTRAAQUA has distributors worldwide. The distributors are carefully selected in order to guarantee qualified support for our valued customers. Kindly contact us with application of interest and geographic location, and we will connect you with the right distributor to assist you with any questions.

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ULTRAAQUA installs its AOP systems for discharge re-use for beer production in the Carlsberg facility in Fredericia. With the help of ULTRAAQUA, Carlsberg is now able to recycle 90% of all process water and has cut the water usage in half at its brewery, while reducing energy consumption by 10%.


Based on medium pressure UV technology and accumulated industry knowledge over the years, ULTRAAQUA engineered the ULTRATRON™ series. The ultimate high flow disinfection solution that can be integrated into even the smallest places. The versatility and wide range of benefits enables the ULTRATRON™ to be integrated across almost all water treatment applications and industries.


In order to further advance potable water disinfection, ULTRAAQUA scientists developed the patent-pending Swirlflow™ technology, providing additional security and energy savings for its users. The enhanced series has also obtained the ÖNORM M 5873-1 validation based on the SWIRLFLOW™ technique (Pat.pend.)

The year also marks no. 10 000 shipment of ULTRAAQUA UV-systems. Over the years, the company has managed to establish a strong network of reliable distributors and clients around the globe, with over 80% of its sales taking place outside Denmark. This has made the company advance further in becoming an established international business stronghold.


To further advance the increasingly challenging biosecurity levels in the aquaculture industry, the ULTRABARRIER™ series was engineered. The UV systems were designed particularly for water intake points for intensive aquaculture farming facilities. To solidify the latest technology’s reliability even further, the latest UV systems were officially validated by EU Environmental Technology.


The first series designed specifically for potable water was validated by international ÖNORM M 5873-1 and DVGW standards. Even though almost all UTRAAQUA UV systems can be implemented for drinking water, the ÖNORM validation ensures an additional layer of security, as the UV technology undergoes comprehensive third-party testing to obtain the validation.


In the process of delivering the MP system to one of the swimming pools in Sweden, ULTRAAQUA experts took notice of how impractical swimming pool water treatment was. Inspired by this, they developed an advanced method to treat swimming pool water by utilizing drum filters. Upon installation of the new solution, the Swedish municipalities and companies’ interest grew quite rapidly. To deliver the well-rounded swimming pool solutions, InBlue was founded together with Jysk Svommebadsteknik A/S. To this day, the company successfully continues to offer highly innovative, intelligent pool water treatment solutions.


The shipping industry and ballast water were under continuous scrutiny due to the damage upon its release back into the marine environment. To address the increasingly strict environmental regulations, the shipping giant Maersk, pump industry leader Desmi and ULTRAAQUA scientists collaborated and developed the Desmi Ocean Guard skid solution for ballast water treatment. The units have gone through few alterations since but are still widely used as part of Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) at Desmi. The UV systems for DESMI Ocean Guard has also been approved by IMO standard.


During their research project in the swimming pool industry, Jens and Ole proved the unparalleled effectiveness of Medium-Pressure UV for the destruction of chloramines. Inspired by the industry’s clear need for the solution, ULTRAAQUA launched its first MultiRay medium pressure UV systems. The good relationship in the industry ensued and ULTRAAQUA started to become a stronghold of the swimming pool sector in the Scandinavian market.


With the company’s growing success – a challenging project reached the hands of the owners. The layout specifications required additional and complex construction work in order to accommodate UV channels available in the industry. To avoid it, the engineers came up with another unique solution – the first ever wall mounted UV channels. The newly developed solution was once again a success and was later applied to multiple other projects. Just like the inclined channels, the wall mounted channel solution remains exclusively in ULTRAAQUA portfolio. During this time ULTRAAQUA products started gaining prominence in the municipal water sector as well.


The expansion of advanced intensive aquaculture farms and RAS outside the Nordic region quickly demonstrated the need for a UV solution in warm saline water environments. To address this, the ULTRAAQUA team selected ingenious and unconventional material – UV-C stabilized polypropylene for UV reactors. The material proved to be the best compromise between chemical and heat resistance and long-term physical stability. To this day, ULTRAAQUA is the only UV manufacturer offering polypropylene UV systems which absolutely excels in the farming of warm saline water species.


During their work, Ole and Jens discovered the challenge of lower water levels in the municipal industry. This resulted in designing the inclined UV channel – the first ever channel UV system allowing a range of different water levels.


The aquaculture sector demand for diverse UV solutions encouraged the company to further advance its technology and widen its product portfolio. This resulted in the development and launch of channel UV systems. Positive feedback, a growing reputation, and an increase of interest from international markets showed that the company was on the right track.


Soon after the owners made the decision to focus exclusively on UV technology the very first low-pressure MR1-75W UV system was launched. The first clients of the UV units were primarily trout farmers in Denmark and Finland and due to product success – soon after multiple lamp systems were launched together with 220W systems. In the same year, the brand name ULTRAAQUA was born.


The company SKJØLSTRUP & GRØNBORG A/S was founded by two life-long friends and environmental scientists – Ole and Jens. Most of their primary work consisted of consultancy services concerning water treatment, primarily for RAS. During their studies at Aalborg University, they began the development of UV technology. In addition to ultraviolet sterilization, their research also focused on ozonation, biofiltration, and filtration of particles. Until 2006, Jens and Ole remained in close collaboration with Aalborg University throughout their R&D activities.



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ÖNORM M 5873-1 Standard

Internationally recognized Austrian standard. Each potable water SSV series UV system have gone through vigorous testing at the Austrian facilities and have been officially validated by the ÖNORM M 5873-1 standard. The application of the conditions specified in ÖNORM M 5873-1 ensures that the requirements of the respective food law provisions comply with the disinfection of drinking water.

ETV-EU Environmental Technology Verification

ETV Verification is a third-party validation of the new innovative technologies supporting their efficiency and credibility in order to operate in international markets and industries.

DVGW Certification

DVGW is a German-based unbiased technical-scientific association with a specialization in gas and water industries. The certification scope confirms that the critical technical requirements are met in regards to hygiene, safety, and functionality.

AMS Verification

Analog Mixed Signal Verification ensures that the electronic components are up to the latest industry-standard allowing smooth and quick signal transmission among electric components used in data tracking and storage.

Approved by Folkehelseinstituttet(FHI)

NIPH is a governmental research agency responding to the Ministry of Health and Care Services (Folkehelseinstituttet) in Norway. It is recognized nationally, and its findings are treated as a reference within government, juridical persons, prosecuting authorities, international organizations, media, and foreign organizations. With Folkehelseinstituttet approval, ULTRAAQUA is now able to distribute selected UV systems in Norway and The Faroe Islands.

Approved by The Norwegian Veterinary Institute

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is a biomedical research institute and the national leading center of expertise in biosecurity in fish and land animals. The Veterinary Institute is among the most important participants in the development of the Norwegian bioeconomy in aqueous and land environments. The ULTRABARRIER™ series has been officially approved by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) for intake water disinfection in the Norwegian aquaculture industry.

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The CE marking signifies that the product has been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

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UL Safety Mark

The UL safety mark is your guarantee of trusted safety of performance, meaning that the product has been certified to meet scientific safety, quality, or security standards.

NWRI Validated

The NWRI (National Water Research Institute) is an independent team of internationally recognized experts. The Open Channel UV series has been validated according to the defined NWRI guidelines.

USEPA Validated

The Open Channel series has been validated according to the USEPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) standards.

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