With over 10.000 UV system installations worldwide, we know what it takes to achieve success with water disinfection. Find more information about UV systems in the FAQ below.

Are UV systems difficult to maintain?

UV systems are designed for ease of maintenance, ensuring that they can be serviced with minimal downtime. Additionally, alarms regarding performance, lamp lifetime, etc., are available through the control cabinet, allowing for proactive maintenance. This can be combined with automatic sleeve wiping technology to further enhance operational efficiency and minimize maintenance requirements.

Does UV disinfection assist in meeting environmental compliance standards?

UV disinfection helps industries all over the world meet environmental compliance standards through effective and eco-friendly water treatment, ensuring that the treated water meets the required quality standards for discharge or reuse.

Are UV systems a cost-effective choice compared to other water treatment methods?

UV disinfection offers lower operational and maintenance costs compared to chemical treatment methods while helping industries comply with environmental regulations.

What types of UV systems does ULTRAAQUA offer?

ULTRAAQUA offers a range of UV systems including open channel, closed vessel, medium pressure, and advanced UV systems, each designed for specific water treatment challenges.

How do I choose the right UV system for my needs?

The choice of the specific UV system depends on several factors including the water source, flow rate, UVT (UV Transmittance), quality of water, and other specific requirements of your application. Our experts can help you select the most suitable system based on these parameters.

Does ULTRAAQUA provide customized UV solutions?

The availability of engineers specialized in the design and construction of UV systems enables comprehensive customization for specific project requirements. Comprehensive technical knowledge makes our engineers able to assist with installation details such as weir design, water level control devices, and many other project-specific matters. Especially when working with large and complex projects, this may become topical.

How can I get a quote or more information about a specific product?

Simply contact us through our contact forms, email, or phone to discuss your requirements and get a personalized quote. Our team is always ready to provide detailed information and support. Please provide us with as much project-specific information as possible.

Are the products of ULTRAAQUA internationally certified?

ULTRAAQUA’s UV systems have undergone comprehensive testing and have successfully passed some of the world’s most stringent validation tests, receiving approval from globally recognized and leading certification providers. This includes the USEPA & NWRI validation, ÖNORM M 5873-1, NVI, DVGW, ETV Verification, and many more, indicating compliance with high safety standards, environmental protection, and performance standards.

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