Having a water body in the zoos’ enclosures is essential for the animals. Either for recreational use, source of the drinking, or both – it plays a crucial role in recreating the natural environments for animals. However, unlike natural rivers and lakes, the water exchange does not occur naturally, and therefore must be recreated by complex water treatment infrastructures, designed to target diseases and challenges concerning the specific animal.

ULTRAAQUA has extensive experience working with the zoo industry. From Denmark to Abu Dhabi, ULTRAAQUA UV units are installed in a variety of habitats, such as penguins, hippos, polar bears, orangutans, pandas, and many more.

ULTRAAQUA UV systems are exceptionally effective against all known bacteria and viruses occurring in the captive environment. Our engineers have many years of experience and are ready to assist in finding the right solution for your needs. Our UV units are extremely resilient to oils, salts, and temperature fluctuations.



non corrosive polypropylene uv system


The Non-Corrosive PP series is developed specifically for disinfection in…

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general water uv disinfection system


The MONORAY™ series offers reliable and efficient UV disinfection for…

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non corrosive polyethylene high density uv disinfection system


The Non-Corrosive PEHD series features high-density polyethylene (PEHD), ideal for…

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low flowrate pp uv systems


The Low Flowrate PP series is designed for challenging low-flowrate,…

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Find frequently asked questions regarding UV disinfection for this application by clicking on a question below.

Why is UV disinfection a beneficial water treatment method in Zoo’s?

UV disinfection is beneficial in Zoo water systems to ensure the health and safety of the selected animal species. It effectively eliminates harmful pathogens and microorganisms from water habitats, preventing disease outbreaks while maintaining a clean environment.

How does UV treatment impact the quality of water in Zoo exhibits?

UV treatment greatly improves the quality of water in Zoo exhibits by controlling algae growth and reducing the presence of harmful bacteria and viruses. This leads to clearer, cleaner water, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and general visitor experience of the exhibits, and not least increases the well-being of the animals significantly.

Can UV disinfection be used for all types of water exhibits in Zoo’s?

The versatility of UV systems allows them to be utilized for a wide range of water exhibits in Zoo’s, including freshwater and saltwater habitats. They are adaptable to different water volumes and conditions, making them suitable for virtually every case.

Is UV disinfection safe for sensitive species in Zoo’s?

UV disinfection is safe for sensitive species in Zoo’s, as the treatment process is non-invasive and does not introduce harmful chemicals into the water, making it suitable for even the most delicate aquatic ecosystems.

How does UV treatment contribute to the overall visitor experience in Zoo’s?

UV treatment contributes to the overall visitor experience by maintaining clear and clean water in exhibits, which enhances the visibility of animals and the overall aesthetic of the Zoo. It also demonstrates the Zoo’s commitment to animal welfare and environmental responsibility, which is increasingly important to visitors.

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