Designing a sustainable and healthy aquatic environment for a range of species is a challenging task that requires many years of expertise. ULTRAAQUA UV has extensive experience in aquatic environments as well as designing water treatment systems for various animals commonly found in zoos. Whether it is warm or cold climate species, ULTRAAQUA UV engineers are capable of arranging the best possible disinfection conditions.

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Support throughout the entire process

Backed by 25+ years of research and innovation experience, our engineers and industry specialists offer a range of services to ensure optimized UV disinfection for your specific requirements. This includes engineering support, optimal UV system sizing for the selected application, 3D drawings, analytical support of water samples, on-site validation testing, and much more.



general water uv disinfection system


The MONORAY™ series offers reliable and efficient UV disinfection for…

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non corrosive polypropylene uv system


The Non-Corrosive PP series is developed specifically for disinfection in…

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low flowrate pp uv systems


The Low Flowrate PP series is designed for challenging low-flowrate,…

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open channel polypropylene uv disinfection system


The Open Channel PP series offers safe, chemical-free disinfection which…

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non corrosive polyethylene high density uv disinfection system


The Non-Corrosive PEHD series features high-density polyethylene (PEHD), ideal for…

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“Los esterilizadores UV adquiridos en ULTRAAQUA son un componente esencial del sistema de mantenimiento de la vida del acuario de Bahréin, que mantiene un hábitat acuático estable para los miles de peces tropicales, rayas y tiburones del acuario. Los sistemas UV PP de ULTRAAQUA son muy adecuados para aplicaciones de acuarios de agua salada, con un rendimiento fiable, sin materiales metálicos que entren en contacto con el agua salada y siendo fáciles de manejar y mantener”.

Jed McAteer - Director General, ELSS Group

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“Upon evaluating various offerings, our customer had chosen ULTRAAQUA UV for their large aquarium systems due to the compatibility of material, low energy usage and proven track records of successful water disinfection meant for their precious and exotic fishes on display, in Kuala Lumpur.”

Chua Pei Chong - Hydro Nusantara Sdn Bhd.

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Find frequently asked questions regarding UV disinfection for this industry by clicking on a question below.

Why is UV disinfection beneficial for aquariums?

UV disinfection is very useful for maintaining high water quality in aquariums, as it effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and algae, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for aquatic life. This is particularly important in closed water systems like aquariums, where pathogens can quickly proliferate.

How does UV treatment benefit the inhabitants of aquariums?

UV treatment benefits aquarium inhabitants significantly by reducing the risk of disease. Ensuring clean and disinfected water prevents infections and promotes the well-being of fish and other aquatic creatures. This leads to better overall health, and longer lifespans.

Does UV treatment help in controlling algae growth in aquariums?

UV treatment is highly effective in controlling algae growth. Targeting the microscopic algae spores prevents excessive algae blooms, which can disrupt the ecological balance of the aquarium and create a negative visitor experience.

Is UV disinfection safe for sensitive species in aquariums?

UV disinfection is safe for sensitive species in aquariums. The process is chemical-free and does not introduce any harmful substances into the water, making it ideal for delicate ecosystems and sensitive aquatic species.

How does UV treatment contribute to the maintenance of aquariums?

UV treatment contributes to the overall maintenance and operational efficiency by reducing the need for frequent water changes and chemical treatments. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures a more stable and balanced aquatic environment, which is beneficial for both the aquarium inhabitants and the caretakers.

Why is UV disinfection a beneficial water treatment method in Zoo’s?

UV disinfection is beneficial in Zoo water systems to ensure the health and safety of the selected animal species. It effectively eliminates harmful pathogens and microorganisms from water habitats, preventing disease outbreaks while maintaining a clean environment.

How does UV treatment impact the quality of water in Zoo exhibits?

UV treatment greatly improves the quality of water in Zoo exhibits by controlling algae growth and reducing the presence of harmful bacteria and viruses. This leads to clearer, cleaner water, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and general visitor experience of the exhibits, and not least increases the well-being of the animals significantly.

Can UV disinfection be used for all types of water exhibits in Zoo's?

The versatility of UV systems allows them to be utilized for a wide range of water exhibits in Zoo’s, including freshwater and saltwater habitats. They are adaptable to different water volumes and conditions, making them suitable for virtually every case.

Is UV disinfection safe for sensitive species in Zoo's?

UV disinfection is safe for sensitive species in Zoo’s, as the treatment process is non-invasive and does not introduce harmful chemicals into the water, making it suitable for even the most delicate aquatic ecosystems.

How does UV treatment contribute to the overall visitor experience in Zoo's?

UV treatment contributes to the overall visitor experience by maintaining clear and clean water in exhibits, which enhances the visibility of animals and the overall aesthetic of the Zoo. It also demonstrates the Zoo’s commitment to animal welfare and environmental responsibility, which is increasingly important to visitors.

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