ÖNORM M 5873-1 validated SSV Drinking Water series approved by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Norwegian Institute of Public Health – Folkehelseinstituttet

NIPH is a governmental research agency responding to the Ministry of Health and Care Services (Folkehelseinstituttet). It is recognized nationally and its findings are treated as a reference within government, juridical persons, prosecuting authorities, international organizations, media, and foreign organizations. 

ÖNORM M 5873-1validated SSV Drinking water UV series approved by NIPH

SSV ÖNORM series offer ultimate security for drinking water disinfection. With ULTRAAQUA UV continuously expanding in Scandinavia, obtaining the certificate was the obvious next step. With Folkehelseinstituttet approval, ULTRAAQUA UV is now able to distribute specific UV systems in Norway and The Faroe Islands.

UV System

List of systems approved by NIPH:

– MR1-220 SSV
– MR3-220 SSV
– MR4-220 SSV
– MR6-350 SSV

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