UV disinfection for wastewater treatment

The demand for cost-efficient solutions to provide clean water is at an all-time high and looks to only increase in the future. This sets huge requirements for technological improvements which are able to accommodate these needs while ensuring a more sustainable world.

By utilizing chemical-free UV disinfection, the next generation of sustainable water disinfection is already right in front of us.  

Utilizing UV technology for wastewater treatment

In the past, the most common method to inactivate dangerous microorganisms found in effluent and discharge was chlorine in gas or fluid form. Today, however, recent developments have made UV disinfection an efficient water treatment solution for wastewater applications, due to improved technology and design configurations. This has made UV disinfection a viable OPEX and CAPEX solution compared to the alternatives.

UV technology is now a globally accepted solution for water disinfection, as it is able to meet the strictest requirements regarding bacteria and virus protection. This includes pathogens such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which water treatment alternatives such as chlorine are unable to treat.

The many advantages of UV include:

  • Low carbon footprint
  • Low operation costs
  • Chemical-free disinfection, with no added by-products
  • No change in the water properties such as pH and temperature
  • Safe and easy implementation

These are a few of the many advantages that make UV technology a perfect fit for implementation in wastewater treatment.

UV systems in operation at a wastewater treatment plant

In Gjakova, Kosovo, a newly built wastewater treatment plant needed to establish a wastewater management protocol built for the future.

An upgrade was required due to the growing challenges concerning the lack of water in the country, which have given rise to new initiatives and projects to improve these conditions going forward, as less than 1% of all wastewater is being treated in Kosovo.

Until now, the absence of proper wastewater treatment protocols means that the wastewater is discharged directly into the rivers, resulting in a major contamination threat.

With the transition of implementing wastewater treatment plants, the foundation for the future is underway, moving towards much more sustainable conditions.

Open channel UV systems in Kosovo

The solution was to implement 2 Open Channel UV systems, which are now actively disinfecting wastewater with 60% UVT (UV Transmittance) with a flow rate of 760 m3/h.

Implementing UV as a part of the treatment process offers the ability to protect against chlorine-resistant pathogens such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, increasing the biosecurity measures significantly. The 2 systems are currently active, ensuring disinfection with low operational costs for many years to come.

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Open Channels UV systems for wastewater disinfection

The solution for ultraviolet wastewater disinfection is here.

We present the Open Channel SS series, which offers safe, chemical-free disinfection for both municipal and industrial wastewater disinfection.

The integrated ULTRATHERM™ 16.000-hour UV lamps offer the very latest low-pressure Amalgam UV lamp technology, with a cross-row layout ensuring complete pathogen exposure with market-leading energy efficiency.

The robust, modular shell design provides a range of scaling and retrofitting options for existing water treatment infrastructures, such as old chlorination tanks. For even further construction versatility, an inclined open channel series is available, which provides up to 30% more depth options. This makes the design easily scalable and capable of treating flows of virtually any size.

The series features an innovative lamp bank design with a sealed top compartment where the lamps, quartz sleeves, wiping motor, and UV sensors are easily accessed. This allows for quick, easy, and hygienic maintenance procedures while the system is submerged. Another key benefit is the automated ULTRAWIPER™ technology, which ensures consistently clean quartz sleeves for operational efficiency.

Including UV systems as a part of the treatment process for wastewater treatment is your guarantee of meeting the defined disinfection protocols, utilizing chemical-free sustainable technology.

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