ULTRAAQUA UV at AquaNor 2019 Review ULTRAAQUA UV had great pleasure in sharing our newly developed products and services for w... Read more
ULTRAAQUA UV LUVT series for wastewater disinfection excellence UV disinfection demand for wastewater With upcoming EU regulations and requirement to ensu... Read more
The world’s most efficient medium pressure UV system for swimming pool water Scientific research conducted over the last 10 years has shown that during normal operatio... Read more
VALIDATED UV SYSTEMS FOR DRINKING WATER APPLICATIONS ULTRAAQUA UV allocates many resources to research and development activities and thes... Read more
ULTRAAQUA UV is exhibiting at IFAT 2018, 14-18 of May ULTRAAQUA UV, a well-established research-based manufacturer of high-quality UV-disinfecti... Read more
Fish International Exhibition 2018 The Fish International Exhibition 2018 is shortly coming and takes place between 25-27 Feb... Read more
NVI Certified & Environmental Technology Verification UV System Series Approved by Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) ULTRAAQUA’s UV Systems... Read more
Large-scale RAS UV Channel Systems installed in fish farm facility in Denmark 2 x MR100-350SS Channel Systems for RAS UV The main systems are two MR100-350SS RAS UV Cha... Read more
ULTRAAQUA UV systems in a new RAS shrimp farm in Vietnam A new recirculated shrimp farm is built in Vietnam ULTRAAQUA UV together with other Danish... Read more
Advanced oxidation process (AOP) collaboration with Arla Foods and DHI Group ULTRAAQUA UV collaborated with Arla Foods and DHI GROUP in the INNO-MT’s Bubble Project... Read more
ULTRAAQUA UV systems part of 52,5 kW RAS in the Swiss Alps Three MR50-350SS Channel units were chosen for biosecurity in a large RAS facility in Swit... Read more
Medium Pressure UV systems for Sweden’s – Hellie Water Park in Malmo Medium Pressure UV Systems to Sweden’s largest swimming pool and wellness center, Hellie... Read more

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