ULTRAAQUA Officially Announces the Opening of ULTRAAQUA Middle East

We are pleased to announce the official establishment of the ULTRAAQUA Middle East regional office. This strategic decision marks a milestone in the journey to become a worldwide market leader of UV disinfection systems, amplifying our regional presence to offer improved solutions to our clients.

With this strategic decision, the regional presence is set to be increased significantly, becoming able to offer dedicated and improved sales, service, and support.

As understanding our customers needs is paramount to our business, establishing the local office makes us better positioned to grasp their requirements. The strategic location will make us significantly more agile through the local presence, offering availability in the same time zone with reduced traveling times, ultimately reducing the response time and providing better overall support.

Sales Director at ULTRAAQUA, Sebastian Vaajakari, states: “We are very excited about the increased presence to be gained through our Middle East office. We look forward to providing improved support to our current customers, as well as being an integrated part of interesting new projects requiring water disinfection. This is an exciting next step in our journey to provide safe water worldwide.”

For more information, feel free to reach out to the General Manager of ULTRAAQUA Middle East, Abduljalil Alkadry at aj@ultraaqua.com.

Contact information – ULTRAAQUA Middle East

ULTRAAQUA – Middle East L.L.C-FZ

Phone (GMT +1): (+971) 56 771 5658

E-mail: middleeast@ultraaqua.com

Company profile – ULTRAAQUA Middle East

ULTRAAQUA is an international manufacturer of advanced UV water disinfection systems for a wide range of water treatment applications. Since being founded in 1996 with the mission of solving the increasing water safety challenges through the utilization of innovative water treatment technologies, 10.000 UV disinfection systems have been installed worldwide.

On the 18th of June 2023, ULTRAAQUA Middle East was established as a regional sales support office. This strategic decision was carried out to increase the regional presence in the area by offering significantly improved and dedicated sales, service, and support. With this, a substantial competitive advantage is aimed to be achieved, with the potential to upscale in new markets.

ULTRAAQUA continuously partakes in multiple research projects in collaboration with municipalities, universities, and companies. Their key focus is on developing new and advanced water treatment solutions based on UV technology. ULTRAAQUA has a full-scale laboratory, indoor and outdoor testing areas, and a research department with top-level academics with vast experience in diverse water industries.

Relying on continuous research activities enables ULTRAAQUA to provide users with advanced water security within municipal and industrial applications such as Aquaculture, Municipal Wastewater, Drinking Water, Wellboats, and many more. Besides standard UV disinfection, ULTRAAQUA also delivers Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) solutions, as well as Total Organic Carbon (TOC) reduction solutions for complex applications. ULTRAAQUA operates worldwide through a carefully selected distributor network and is active in more than 120 countries.