Greening Pharma – A Sustainable Revolution in Industrial Practices

The R&D department is back with exciting new research – this time in the pharmaceutical industry looking to optimize resource recovery and recycling.

Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has not prioritized environmental sustainability. This is due to the urgency of time-to-market, which often overshadows the integration of green solutions in the development and production phases of new medicinal products.

Once a product nears the market, it is challenging and complex to alter the validated and approved process, even if it is environmentally beneficial. To achieve environmental sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry, early incorporation of green solutions and “circular-by-design” principles are essential, particularly during the concept planning stages of process and production development.

In this project, four concrete solutions to recycle synthesis oil, water, and ethanol and specific template molecules and phosphate buffer from the production process were developed and demonstrated.

The results demonstrate a substantial reduction in the consumption of critical resources through the successful implementation of recovery and recycling technologies. These achievements contribute to the overarching goal of a more sustainable and circular pharmaceutical production process.

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