Unsolicited internship

We are always open and interested in passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Do you want to be a part of a fast-growing, global water cleantech company and work with environmentally friendly, non-chemical water disinfection solutions?

ULTRAAQUA UV is constantly looking for UV industry professionals as well as interns and dissertation collaborations.

The main areas that are open for internship:

  • Research department – a supportive role for on-going diverse research projects for water treatment – chemistry and biology background preferred
  • Design department – a supportive role in the design and optimization of UV systems, and their parts – engineering and 3D design understanding is preferred
  • Sales and marketing – a supportive role for expanding sales in select regions or industries with a mix of sales and marketing activities – individual with strong inclination to sell and B2B market understanding is preferred
  • Production – a supportive role in the extensive assembly and testing of UV systems as well as assisting in warehouse management – maritime engineer, engineer, electrician backgrounds are preferred