ULTRAAQUA Achieves PFAS Removal at a Danish Firefighting Site

PFAS has attracted attention in recent times due to its significant negative effects on human health. PFAS has been dubbed as “forever-chemicals” due to their extremely persistent nature, building up in both the environment and in our bodies with harmful effects. PFAS has been widely used in different materials over a very long time and is now being found in the blood of both people and animals all over the world.

The complex nature of PFAS makes us even more proud of our recent R&D project, which has shown extremely promising results in being able to remove these so-called “forever-chemicals”.

The project revolves around a full-scale PFAS treatment plant at the fire training site in Korsør, Denmark, which is able to attain PFAS-22 removal to below detection limits. By treating all the water directly at the training site, PFAS-polluted water is no longer being discharged into the sewer or to the nearby marine area.

The complete system is designed to handle the total amount of rainwater, firefighting water, and draining water from the firefighting site, as well as the collected upper groundwater from the meadow.

Additionally, the ULTRAAQUA in-house laboratory team has developed a method to break down PFAS into harmless fluoride, utilizing vacuum-UV at normal ambient temperatures and pressures.

Read more about the PFAS project by clicking here.

Source: https://pro.ing.dk/watertech/artikel/ny-metode-kan-fjerne-pfas-til-under-kravvaerdien-alene-ved-forrensning

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