ULTRAAQUA UV Excellence Series – ULTRATOUCH™ Control Cabinets

ULTRAAQUA UV is back with Excellence series and as promised it continues with ULTRAAQUA UV ULTRATOUCH™ control cabinets.

ULTRATOUCH™ control cabinets are designed for installation in industrial environments. Since the control cabinet is also how the users experience their product firsthand, the focus of its structure is not only data storage and management but the interface itself. This has led to the development of ULTRATOUCH™ control cabinets which design is based on feedback from numerous customers over time and reflects “what you need to know when you need to know it” philosophy. For this reason, they are made to be durable and easy to operate for advanced and beginner level users.

Not to forget, the design of a ULTRATOUCH™ control cabinet is also where the benefits of customization services come into play because the customer can not only choose from 2 types of PLC control features but also the enclosure material. This way the company is able to manufacture and deliver a reliable product based on the experience in the water industry and understanding how unique each case is.

Standard vs. Advanced ULTRATOUCH™ PLC

The control cabinets come in two PLC settings: standard and advanced. This decision was made to better accommodate customers and their application by having more control over the entire disinfection process. The features are as follows:

ultraaqua control cabinets

Customized enclosure materials

All standard UV control cabinets come in GFRP material which is known for its exquisite corrosion-resistant qualities. It is also 4 times lighter than steel with 2 times the tensile strength, possesses great resistance to chemicals, is maintenance-free and provides great electrical transparency without disrupting distance monitoring.

Except for one lamp UV systems, customers can also choose from mild-steel 304L and stainless steel 316L. Both of these offer corrosion-resistant qualities with later one commonly found in the marine industry.

The cabinets can be made from any of these materials based on project requirements or customers’ wishes.

To learn more you can always contact ULTRAAQUA UV sales engineers sales@ultraaqua.com