ULTRAAQUA UV Excellence Series – ULTRATHERM™ UV lamp technology

ULTRAAQUA UV Excellence Series

The ULTRAAQUA UV Excellence Series is a campaign exploring the key advantages ULTRAAQUA UV provides for its new and existing partners and customers.

Throughout the series, the reader will get an insight into what exactly makes ULTRAAQUA UV one of the leading UV manufacturers today and what it has to offer to those who need an efficient water disinfection unit.

UV technology provides a wide range of advantages, and when combined with ULTRAAQUAs continuous research and development within different industries, the potential becomes fulfilled. This makes ULTRAAQUA capable of providing excellent best-in-class UV systems.

ULTRATHERM™ UV Lamps and Drivers

16 000h ULTRATHERM™ UV lamps – up to 22% operating cost savings

The UV lamp is the heart of the UV system. This is why ULTRAAQUA has spent thousands of hours developing UV lamps that not only provide disinfection, but also energy efficiency. This has resulted in the creation of the ULTRATHERM™ UV lamp technology.

The ULTRATHERM™ UV lamp technology is based on 20 years of experience and extensive research, aiming to develop optimized energy-efficiency and robustness. This makes it possible for the lamps to provide a substantial 16.000 hours of lamp lifetime and an extended temperature range of 2°C to 40°C. This allows the UV systems to operate with stable efficiency all over the globe.

The lamp drivers are constantly receiving feedback from the lamps, which makes them able to dynamically adapt to ensure optimal performance under varying operating temperatures.

Last but not least, although it has to be done very rarely due to low maintenance requirements, the lamp replacement of ULTRATHERM™ UV lamps is a quick and simple process, which does not require any tools.

uv lamps ultratherm
ULTRATHERM™ lamp and driver technology

ULTRAAQUA UV Quartz sleeves

The ULTRATHERM™ UV lamp operates in the best possible conditions when covered with the ULTRAAQUA UV quartz sleeve, made of the highest-grade quartz material available in the market. If not fouled, ULTRAAQUA UV quartz sleeves have an unlimited lifetime.

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ULTRAAQUA UV Product portfolio

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