ULTRAAQUA in the South Korean wastewater sector

EU Gateway | Business Avenues, Korean market and ULTRAAQUA UV

EU Gateway | Business Avenues is a flagship EU programme that helps European companies establish long-lasting business relationships in Asia. The programme offers a series of professional business services, from matchmaking with Asian companies, to coaching and logistics. ULTRAAQUA UV had the honor to become part of one of the EU-funded business missions for Environment & Water Technologies in the Korean market. The company’s aim was to strengthen the existing relationship and develop new ones in the growing Korean wastewater market:

The Republic of Korea is making every effort to expand its environmental market share and initiate more green projects nationwide. The market share has been steadily growing year over year and was estimated at EUR 79.1 billion back in 2015. Of this, the largest segment of 56% is resource recycling management, including waste management and water management.

EU Gateway | Business Avenues takes the guesswork out of your business expansion strategy in Korean market – October 1st, 2019
Environmental and Water Technologies Mission all participants – September, 2019

Mrs. Stefana Dumitrascu – an experienced ULTRAAQUA UV Sales Engineer introduced the ULTRAAQUA UV disinfection benefits for the Korean wastewater stakeholders. The discussion primarily focused on ULTRAAQUA UV systems for wastewater treatment and TOC removal in the microelectronics industry.

ULTRAAQUA and the wastewater industry

ULTRAAQUA UV systems for wastewater disinfection are based on more than a decade of the company’s experience in the industry. Since the biggest challenge in wastewater disinfection is the low UVT (UV-Transmittance), ULTRAAQUA UV R&D department has developed systems with a significantly smaller diameter in order to ensure that there are no “dark spots” left enabling dangerous microorganisms to pass through. The control cabinets are equipped with features based on “what you need to know when you need to know it” philosophy in order to provide more informative data for the end-users. The ULTRAAQUA UV systems are suitable for both: municipal and industrial wastewater applications.

Tour in Tancheon Water Recycling Center: 900K-ton sewage & 2,7K-ton septic tank sludge treatment facilities, recycling wastewater for 4 of Seoul’s districts & 2 of its satellite cities.

ULTRAAQUA and TOC for the microelectronics industry

Microelectronics manufacturers require ultra-pure water in order not to damage the miniature parts of circuits and microprocessors in their production process. Therefore, UV lamps that emit 254nm energy and are usually used for general disinfection are not enough to penetrate the water and reach all particles. This process requires stronger – 185nm energy lamp UV systems. By using UV for TOC reduction, end-users reap double benefits such as inactivation of all bacteria and viruses (oxidation and disinfection).

Mrs. Stefana Dumitrascu together with her lovely translator

From very well organized infrastructure to high interest from many potential business partners, I believe EU Gateway | Business Avenues Korean business mission was definitely a great boost for ULTRAAQUA UV company in building the relationship with the Korean wastewater sector. In addition to this, it was definately a pleasure to get to know my neighbors from across Europe and discuss different solutions and future prospects for wastewater treatment industry.

Mrs. Stefana Dumitrascu – ULTRAAQUA UV Sales Engineer – October 10th, 2019

ULRAAQUA UV believes that business partnerships are built on trust and communication of customers’ needs and concerns. That’s what makes ULTRAAQUA UV stand out from its competitors and determines the refinement of its UV technology.

If you have questions or seek more information about ULTRAAQUA UV products please do not hesitate to contact our sales engineers at sales@ultraaqua.com