ULTRAAQUA at APA19 in India

ULTRAAQUA and shrimp farming

The major attention in the aquaculture sector has been devoted to fish farming, but within the last 10 years, shrimp farming experienced extreme demand and therefore – growth. The majority of shrimp farming takes place in saltwater environments and it is not a secret that it presents the farmers with certain challenges. On the other hand, there was a lack of information and experience. This has resulted in several shrimp farming mistakes in regards to the management of hygiene, feed, and exposure to outside contaminants.

Protection from all waterborne diseases

As water UV disinfection professional ULTRAAQUA UV made sure that its systems are able to deliver the most efficient, energy-saving operations together with a guarantee for complete biosecurity. Moreover, UV systems significantly reduce the use of chemicals in the disinfection process, that is known for creating different by-products, waste and high long-term costs. ULTRAAQUA UV disinfection technology can protect shrimp farmers from the most common and lethal shrimp diseases such as White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV), Vibrio, Infectious Myonecrosis Virus (IMNV), Taura Syndrome Virus (TSV), Early Mortality Syndrome Bacteria (EMS) and others.

Polypropylene UV system for shrimp farming

ULTRAAQUA at APA19 Chennai, India

ULTRAAQUA UV will be able to explain all of this and more if you come by one of the largest aquaculture expos in the Asian Pacific region – APA19.
International Sales Director Mr. Sebastian Vajaakari will be there to answer all your questions, concerns and doubts.
What is even more exciting – there will be 2 LIVE SIZE UV SYSTEMS that ULTRAAQUA UV visitors will be able to observe up close and see for themselves how it could benefit their shrimp or fish farms.

See you at BOOTH 74!